Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

Rough with the smooth

Contributed by Richard (27.06.2013)

Yesterday I took some much needed time off work to get onto the river again..been meaning to for ages but pressure of work with the new job has meant opportunities are somewhat limited. In the end I needn't have bothered! The river was 0.20m which is low but I am okay with this. Despite BBC showing good cloud cover, it was pretty much full on sun and the forecast 12mph Westerly breeze was more like a 20mph wind.

Basically I walked around for 4 hours, getting hot and bothered. There was a farmer in a field rotating some silage and the dust cloud he was throwing up was quite impressive and it played havoc with my itchy hay-fevered eyes (and I wear contact lenses). All in all a downright miserable experience. Saw a few big lads basking in the sun but they were motionless and not on alert or feeding. There were only skerrits active and I have seen this many times before on other rivers such as Aberdeenshire Don and Deveron - I am sure that these small fish feel safe as the big ones are not present, so they come out and feed in lies normally occupied by the better fish.

When it got to 5pm I had the choice of getting back and playing my Wed night 5-a-side match followed by Brazil v Uruguay on the box or scratching my **** for 5 hours and hoping that the breeze would drop and it would not get too cold. If I'd have had a friend present I would have sat it out, but sense prevailed and I high tailed it with my tail between my legs.

You try and visit when you think that the odds may be in your favour and occasionally get it spectacularly wrong, as on this occasion. However, that's wild trouting for you and you have to take the rough with the smooth. It always evens itself out over time and the more you visit the better the chances that you will hit it just right!

I had great sport all last (much maligned) summer during my daytime visits, but this would have been due to decent water levels and lower temperatures during the day. Each visit was preceded by anxiously watching weather reports and viewing the webcam before making a decision.