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Off the last!!

Contributed by Richard (14.04.2013)

Yesterday was my 2nd visit to Eden. Had been 3 weeks ago but blanked and did not really cast a fly in anger then. I chose to go as Wharfe was a bit too high.

Anyway it had dropped from .38m to .34m overnight and I arrived at Musgrave Bridge at 12:15pm. As there were at least 4 other cars there and another angler tackling up that meant a lot of footfall above Musgrave, so as far as I was concerned it was too busy. There was a stiff Southerly blowing, so ideally I was looking for a bit of shelter too.

In the end I went upstream and parked my car near another access point. On tackling up there was a good rise not 4 yards from me but I was screened by a bush so the fish could not see me. I crossed over 20 yards downstream and waited for the fish to show itself again. By this time it was 1:15 or so and I had seen 2 LDO's and a stonefly. First cast landed spot on and I hooked a spirited 15" fish which was a bit lean. As I was waiting for this fish a substantial rise 10 yards downstream alerted me to what sounded like a 2lb + trout rising (it only rose twice).

I then went walkabout as there were no other trout showing in the vicinity. Arriving back 30 minutes later I did then see a trout rising sporadically, say once every 5 mins. It's exact position was not clear but on entering the water it took on the third cast and felt a better fish. On landing it I looked at it in the net and was convinced it was a 2lb fish...but it weighed only 1lb 11oz and measured 16.25". I assume my error in judgement was due to wishful thinking and a long winter off (the last 2lb + trout I had seen in the flesh was back in September).

A few minutes later I had a chat with an angler who had been fishing around the Musgrave area. He said there had been quite a few MB's but no rises that he had seen and he had not caught anything. He did have a working thermometer and told me water temp was 43'F.

I then walked all the way downstream to Musgrave Bridge as I thought by then as it was 3pm that other anglers would have left. I was right but there were no feeding fish that I could see. I then walked up the road to my car and had another chat with the same angler who had tried French Nymphing to no avail and then had a 10 minute chat with another member who had also had a fruitless day.

Tough day with only perhaps 6 Large Dark Olives and 1 solitary March Brown seen. At least it's a hell of a lot warmer and whenever these winds subside a bit and it isn't lashing with rain we should be in for good sport.

There were some deep snow drifts on the way up to and over Cam Houses, so all this when melted still has to go into both Wharfe and Ure. The Fells feeding Eden still have snow in the corries but I suspect there is still some more on the tops that I could not see.