Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

A Quiet Day Fishwise

Contributed by Richard (09.09.2012)

I have been away since 22nd August on holiday, so was itching to get on Eden, since it was 11th August since I last fished it. I went yesterday, as conditions looked good, water nice height, winds low. As so often happens 'ideal' conditions do not translate to = good fishing and I found it very challenging yesterday. I should have ordered a spool of 6x Frog Hair before going on holiday but in the end only ordered it Friday, so 5x was the thinest I had with me as the post had not arrived before I left.

Started well..ish with 2 trout raised (one a good fish which I could tell by the resultant 'panic boil' that you get with pricked fish) but both also missed (ring rust) on a bright long flat. Shortly after, two grayling were caught but as I was near the top of my beat I wanted to get further downstream before working my way back up. So I left all those rising fish, thinking there would be plenty more downstream. How many times have I told myself off and the old adage "never leave rising fish", proved to be wise words yet again. A 20 minute walk in the heat downstream revealed very little. Another small grayling succumbed but then that was it till I was another 10 minutes walk upstream where I spotted a rise right on the lip above a riffle, literally 10" off it. With a 17' leader and little wind, drag would not be a problem and a 14" trout fell to my terrestrial pattern.

I was almost back near where I started when I spotted a very good fish feeding, which had managed to elude both me and my friend on earlier attempts. He was in a difficult spot though, just off the far bank under a Sycamore bough with more branches upstream. This necessitates a 3-4m drift till the fly goes over the fish and I thought my delivery was okay (off my wrong shoulder)...but the trout didn't...neither did the lump 20m upstream and I went smaller and smaller in fly size. A size 26 on a 5x tippet is not going to work too well though!

Another trout did fall to a foam bluebottle before I went back to pool where I had started off, but predictably, the fish had gone off the boil there too.

A change to a stretch farther upstream at 6:30pm yielded a nice 15-16" trout which was rising regularly and fought like a much larger fish, so gave a good account of itself.

That was it for the day, which started off promisingly, but failed to deliver. Here's hoping the rest of the month will see the river and hatches showing what the Eden has to offer before the 1st October is here!