Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

Cracking first trout on a new rod

Contributed by Richard (22.07.2012)

First day on Eden for over 3 weeks due to high water. It was touch and go whether to make the trip; the weather forecast was for more rain, which given the consistently high water would mean an almost instant lift with any shower. In the event, by the time I got to the river it was 1pm and I did not think I would be missing anything as I thought the high water would have knocked the hatches. The weather was perfect..warm,cloudy and no wind. I elected to fish a stretch which I had not visited for at least 5 years and tackled up. The water was higher than I like by 6" or so, but still fishable in a lot of places-the smooth pools looked good. I bypassed the first one as the water looked a bit too boisterous but climbed in the second one.

River Eden trout

Almost immediately I spotted what I thought was a substantial fish tight in against the bank and was about to cast when another good fish rose 4 rod lengths above me. The first cast was a bit short but the second was on the button and two seconds into the drift a neb emerged and took the #18 cdc terrestrial. There then followed one of the hardest fights I have ever had with an Eden fish. I normally get them in very quickly and can sometimes bully them a bit into the net but this fish just would not come in. Every time I got it close, it tore off and one run took it 20 yards upstream. This fish just would not give up! I guess I eventually landed it after 4-5 minutes and when unhooking it found my fly firmly in the scissors-this was one fish that would not have come off!! I took a poor photo of a wonderful fish and it does not even look the 19"/48cm that I measured from nose to fork of tail. It weighed 2lb 13oz and was a fantastic first fish on a new rod.

River Eden trout

From the photo I can see that it was caught at 2pm and from then on I wandered upstream. There was very few BWO about and only the odd rising fish but fish could be picked up when seen. I even picked up a small grayling, which according to the club secretary was the highest up our beat yet recorded! I bumped in to John Garner who very kindly gave me a lift back to my car. He had also had some nice trout.

Two very heavy rain showers almost convinced me to jack it all in but by 6:30 I was back in the first pool to see if the first big fish was showing(it was put down by the commotion of the fight with the other fish) and there it was on station and rising. However the torrential downpour made my cdc dun difficult to see and I missed the first rise so concentrated for the second cast, tightened too late, fish boiled(I never felt it) and scarpered! Had I had the nous to change to a pink wing paradun instead of being so lazy I could have had that one as well. Still I know where he lives and will go back for him.

All in all a nice afternoons fishing. Was tempted to stay late but had a long journey south to look forward to the next day so thought I should get the rest. It seems like I called it right as the EA website showed a very sharp rise in river level at 9pm!