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Hot and Cold Weather

Contributed by Richard (05.07.2012)

What changeable weather we have on our wee island! Sunday 27th May saw a trip to Eden with baking temperatures well in to the 70's. Fish however could be found feeding on Aphids and I picked up several throughout the day with the biggest at 1lb 10oz.

I bumped into a couple of anglers around 6pm who complained that the river was too low and that they saw plenty of trout but I don't think they had any luck connecting with them and were packing up for the day.

River Eden Trout

Why sweat your pants off and then go home before the best part-strange! I hung about waiting for the wind to drop and was pleased to see many spinners in the air which I took to be those of the Oliver Upright. The wind did drop eventually and I was treated to the sight of many fish sipping in a favourite pool but time and again I covered be point blank refused. It was evident they were not taking duns as there were very few on the surface and I did not see any nebs breaking the river. After changing my paradun to a bent bodied spinner one fish was grateful enough to nail this and it was with relief that I slipped the net under a 2lb 1oz trout in the (rapidly) fading light. I could have kicked myself after-99 times out of 100, given that we will get an evening rise if conditions are correct, we will get a hatch of duns as well as a fall of spinners(which are far more difficult to see) and a paradun of the correct size will do the trick. But not this time...lesson learned!!

River Eden Trout

Sunday 3rd June was very different in contract to the week before…cold and very windy and I regretted not packing my heavyweight fleece. Due to my mate having some work to do we only got to the river at 1pm and both tackled up and went for a long walk to warm up-it was like fishing in early April-bloody cold! We both scanned the pools and with careful observation were able to spot the odd rise here and there so were able to pick up a fish or two-nowt special but given the circumstances, very welcome. At about 3pm the odd OU began to appear and I spotted what I thought to be a good fish taking these. After getting into position, I was not confident as there was deep water between me and the fish so this necessitated a longer cast than I would normally like. Coupled with the strong wind I was anxious not to make a hash of this (what I thought would be) solitary opportunity. However the cast was good and a big neb broke the surface to engulf the Olive Upright Emerger. After a couple of minutes I was relieved to slip the net under a trout that went 18.5" and weighed 2lb 12oz. Between 3:45 and 6pm when we left we were treated to the best Small Dark Olive (Baetis scambus) emergence I have seen since I used to fish the Ure at Masham many years ago. They were simply littering the surface and I commented to my mate that you would normally have to travel abroad to see hatches this dense. Of course the fish duly responded with so much food available and I think in the end became satiated. I switched to a size 18 pink wing paradun. We ended up with 20 trout for the day with 6 over 2lbs and they were 2lb 1oz, 2lb 2oz, 2lb 6oz, 2lb 10oz, 2lb 12oz and 2lb 13oz. It was way better than the Queen's Jubilee

I have included shots of the two largest.