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Contributed by Richard (07.04.2012

Trout fishing on River Eden

After a week’s holiday with the family in a wee cottage in the Western Lake District I managed a couple of hours on the Wharfe on Friday catching 7 Trout in a LDO hatch with nothing going over a pound though. I was really looking forward to a day on Eden and met my mate yesterday on our stretch.

I stood by a bridge waiting for a big fish to show that had risen twice and could see him in the next pool up in the tail getting what turned out to be a 1lb 10oz Trout out during a small flurry of LDO. After waiting 20 minutes or so I gave up and had a couple of speculative casts over where this fish had last risen over 30 minutes ago...with predictable results.

2lb 2oz trout river eden

We then went in search of more action and passed another angler on the way. I was getting concerned that although we had ideal cover, no wind, water temp of 6.5 degrees, it was not going 'to happen'. However at approximately 2:15pm we came upon a pool with 2 fish in it which were showing and by now there were LDO starting to show on the surface. I got in and waded up to them and my mate went into the pool above as we had seen a fish rise in the tail.

I then stood watching for my fish whilst my mate took five fish in a row, crouching on the tail. Mine started to rise and I got one which turned out to be a lot smaller than I had thought-at a guess 0.75lbs. This put down the other one so rather than proceed upstream I cut back downstream and hit the jackpot at 2:35pm in a pool where the fish were going bananas to a procession of LDO/OU and MB that were coming down.

Suffice to say I made a bit of a pig of myself with 9 Trout to hand in a bit under an hour. The first two were to a CDC dun but with all the faffing about drying this and fish going bonkers I quickly changed to a paradun which also did the business.

Should I have gone a bit I don't think so - there are plenty of times on these rivers where you scratch around for the odd fish here and there. My outlook is when the opportunity presents itself then take it!!

There were bigger fish farther up the pool but to get to them would mean wading through the others and I did not know how long the action would last. However I was more than happy with my lot and 10 fish in total with the best at 44cm and 2lb 2oz is top quality sport. I also missed a fish on the strike and had an on-off with another. My mate did well too with 15 fish in total.