Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

Opening Day

Contributed by Callum Highet (15.03.2011))

With all the rods and equipment cleaned up ready for the season, the weather could also do the same! The opening day was better than expected according to the weather report ( you just can't trust them these day's ).

Although the weather was chilly and cloudy, there was still a 'dribble' of fly coming off the water, mainly midge and large dark olives. I was delighted to see how many fish were on the feed and rising to fly left right and centre.

Large Dark Olive

As I was on the river side, a large dark olive decided to dry its wings on my rod (see picture) and I watched it open and close its wings, then with a slight breeze, it took to the air.........probably then to be eaten by a gorging trout! possibly one of the ones I caught later on.

Hopefully more reports for the 2011 season will be making their way onto the website. They have proven to be invaluable during last season.

All the best for season and hopefully see you on the river.

As always.......tight lines!