Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

First visit to the Eden

Contributed by Tom Hird (19.03.2010)

I had a few days break in Scotland (no fishing, alas) and fished the Eden on Friday 19th, prior to the AGM. The river was coloured and moderately high in the morning, plus a cold, blustery wind and I decided to wait a few hours till the afternoon. Arriving back at Musgrave bridge, 2 other anglers had already arrived and the famous Callum was tackling up.

Began to fish downstream with a 4lb leader, a tungsten beaded GRHE on the point and a light pheasant tail nymph 18" further up. Upstream casting and tracking/high sticking the line across and down the bridge pool was to no avail.

Resumed past the weir, wary of the electricity line above the weir and on the third cast crashed into a very lively and hard fighting trout. A hard play followed to get the fish to the net. Just as the fish was over the net - off he went with the barbless hook pulling out. Needless to say a few choice words were uttered. The trout was 2.5 - 3 lbs, in superb shape for the early season, fat and well spotted with a golden buttery belly. I can still see him now.

No further luck  for another 100 yards. Returned to the spot of my loss, but nothing was tempted.

A good start to the season with the hope of encountering this fish again. 1.5 hrs on a pleasant afternoon, not much wildlife yet, just the circling buzzards, the usual wrens and sparrows and blackbirds and of course the dippers zooming by.