Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

A Good Day Off

Contributed by Steve Howarth   (15.04.2010)

River Eden Trout >16"

I sneaked a day off work for a days fishing.  It was a beautiful start to the day, quite sunny and no rain but a cool breeze coming from the east.

I set off fishing at little Musgrave in the bright sun fishing the fast runs with wets and dries with no success and all the time thinking "cloud over".

Well it did cloud over and the temp plummeted and it was bloody cold (stupid idea that cloud over thing) but I carried on without any success down on the lower limit of our water below Musgrave bridge.

Still nothing happened, there was lots of olives coming off but no sign of any fish.  I admit it, doubt was creeping in. Am I S**t, is there any fish in this river, the waters too cold,  the excuse book was looking like it was going to get some hammer.

So I decided to walk back upstream towards Musgrave bridge and stumbled across about 6-7 rising fish. Well that was me for the next 30 mins. The f fly went on and I soon had a 16" brownie in the net. A few casts later a nice 12" brownie was fooled by the f fly and that was soon followed by another fish of a similar size caught on an Adams Parachute. It was all done in about 30-45 mins and I put a couple down with some rusty casting, but it was well worth it.

Pretty soon the rising stopped and the sport backed off but it was great while it happened. I moved further upstream and touched a couple more but nothing else in the net.

A good day off.