Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

Catch rates and low water

Contributed by Richard Reeve   (05.06.2010

The charts are excellent and, indeed, KS&DAA produce a very informative website. I look at the daily blog each morning.

I was wondering what, over the years,  is the correlation between "water level" and overall returns. 2010, so far, has been one of particularly low rainfall. I count (roughly) that from Mar 15 to May 30, 127 fish were caught. What were the returns like in years or seasons of higher rainfall with correspondingly higher river levels?

One day in early to mid May I fished the Eastfield Bridge section. The water was clear, the sunlight was strong, and the clusters of large, grazing trout were many ( & I mean big). On repeated visits, as air & water temperatures have risen and as water levels have dropped even further such sightings, for me at least, have almost disappeared.

Keep up the good work.