Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

14 fish in one day! It is possible

Contributed by Callum Highet (24.06.2010)

After dragging my Audi down the track to Beckfoot, the sun was out and without a cloud in the sky. After walking up the bank before tackling up, I noticed some huge trout basking in the sun between a break of cover near the bank.

I tackled up and rushed down to the opposite bank. After gliding a dry over their heads with little interest, a small one moved to the surface then retreated. I tied on a pheasant tail nymph, size 16, and cast it upstream. With a huge swell and no take I thought the fish will have rushed upstream but they remained stationary.

River Eden Wild Brown Trout

Another cast landed around 6 feet above a huge fish. All I saw was a flash of white as the fish opened its mouth so I struck and the fish was on!.

After playing the fish for about 5 minutes (the fish don't seem to fight as much in this hot weather), it came in on the scales as 2lb 8oz (see picture). After that the fish just kept coming. With some jungle warfare casting the fish kept coming one after the other.

After 10 fish here, I ventured to Musgrave where I had another 3 fish with the biggest being 1lb 8oz. All fish returned safely and fully recovered. These bigger fish need to be treated with respect. Get some pheasant tails in your box.

Tight Lines