Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

Evening Rise

Contributed by Tom Hird (22.07.2008)

Fished the Eden for the first time since Easter, decided to have the last few hours of daylight for the "evening rise". Commenced fishing about 7.30 upstream of Musgrave bridge. No rises were seen so I just search fished with small dry flies upstream to the Belah, resulting in only 1 small trout.

Fished back downstream with my trusty spider patterns, but again only connected with 2x 7-8" trout. Again no rises were seen back to the bridge by which time it was 9.30 and going dark.

Met fellow angler and acquaintance Norman who had just arrived. He informed me that THE RISE is happening but not till a little later. Indeed by 9.50pm a few rises started and to rub salt in the wound, Norman connected with a good trout.

I moved downstream from the bridge for half an hour but was only plagued by the midges (a very still night) and half a dozen very small bats. Now I am no expert on bats, but I believe the smallest bat is the pipistrelle and these were the size of large butterflies whizzing around my head, an eerie experience. Any way lost a dry fly in the trees behind and could not tie on another without a light, so called it a night.

Still great to be back on the river after the unfavourable start to the summer.

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