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Massive grayling

Contributed by Andy Hartley (21.09.2008)

Met two chaps on holiday from the Gloucester area last Friday afternoon (19/9/08). They reported that one of them (Paul) had taken a 4lb Grayling that morning from fast water somewhere between Ploughlands and Warcop.  They said it was a massive fish.

They had no picture on camera or phone and no measurement either. However, they seemed like decent chaps and even if they were exagerrating it was still a bloody big fish.

Don't know what the British record is but it can't be far off can it?

Note from Webmaster

An online catch return relating to a grayling caught on the 19th September was sent in (see below). I have no information on whether this catch return relates to Andy's report.

Name: Terry Johnson
Month: Sept
Date: 19
Hours: 4
Area: 4
Fish: grayling
Length: >16"
Return/taken: Returned
Method: Dry fly

Note from Terry Johnson

I submitted the catch return for this date and caught the 17” grayling but it weighed approximately 2 lb. I don’t know who caught the monster but it wasn’t me. Mind you, I was thrilled with the one I caught!!!!!!