Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

Matthew's First

Contributed by Steve Howarth (14.04.2007))

There's only so many times you can hear "Can we come fishing with you dad " until the guilt gets to you and you say ok!!! So I gave in and bought Aimee (aged 5) and Matthew (aged 2) a basic fishing kit each (£12.99 from Argos including rod, reel, line and all the trimmings) and took them to a decent sized pool on the river.

river eden trout

When we arrived I set about drowning some worms and then trying to get some minnows in a bucket for the monsters to play with, but a rather large trout had other ideas and picked up one of the drowning worms and tried to save it by jumping out of the water and giving it some air.

Well after a couple of minutes of jumping I managed (with Matthews help) to stop the trout from being so stupid and convinced it to sit for a photo before being returned. As you can see from the photo Matthew is a complete natural and not at all frightened of the rather large trout!!!