Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

A stolen hour this evening

Contributed by John Garner, Secretary (15.07.2007)

Just managed to steal an hour downstream of Musgrave Bridge.

I parked at the bridge at 7:45 this evening.  After a quick look over the bridge, I almost decided not to bother. The river was still pretty high and the colour of Newcastle Brown. That wouldn't put me off normally but there was also a pig of a wind blowing downstream and the threat of rain. And there was nothing moving.

I decided to walk to the downstream end of our fishing (right bank) and work my way back up to the bridge. Just after 8pm the first cast went out and, despite still not having seen a fish, the Klink came dancing back on the ripple unmolested.  One or two BWOs appeared and still nothing rose.

The next pool up was a different story. Despite there still being no sign of a rise, I took (and released) three fish of 11, 13 and 14 inches all to the size 14 Klink. At about 9pm the rain came. The third fish had just gone back and had trashed my fly. I gave it the best and was packed up and back in the car by 9:30pm.

The last month or so has been a struggle to get to the river for a variety of reasons. Not least the weather. An hour like that makes it worth the wait.