Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

Purple Patch

Contributed by John Garner, Secretary (10.04.2007)

I was wondering when the purple patch would run out - is that tempting fate or what?  Whatever, I now know the answer to that one.

I met Steve H at Beckfoot on Sunday lunchtime. The wind was a pig and the hatch wasn't much better. We decided to give it a go anyway. One and a half hours later neither of us had seen a fish move (although we had seen three good fish that looked like they'd been nailed to the river bed) and we were back at Beckfoot deciding what to do next.

Plan B entailed driving down to the layby between Blandswath and Musgrave Bridges and hoping to find some shelter from the wind. At this point we parted, Steve going downstream below Rudhills and me going towards the Belah again.

Another hour and we were back at the cars saying sod it. Sum total for the day - one fish hooked and lost when the dropper knot parted (mine). Thankfully I'm using de-barbed hooks.

Just to rub salt in the wound, I went out again on Monday and scored blank number 2. Again the wind was a pig and the flies few and far between with very few rises. Four hours spent upstream of Musgrave Bridge produced nothing.  However, I wasn't the only one to blank. And I stayed dry!!!

Were these two days a waste of time? Not likely - I learnt where three big fish live and was reminded of the quality of the water above Beckfoot.  I may be back there shortly.