Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

A game of numbers

Contributed by John Garner, Secretary (07.04.2007)

The line manager's working (and taken the dog with her). I was in Appleby in time for the shops opening and home within the hour. How would I manage to spend the almost all day alone? I thought about getting the lawn mower out - but only briefly. By mid day I was sat below Rudhills having lunch just as the first duns came floating past. What is it that makes them tick? The weather was little different to Thursday when almost nothing hatched.

In no hurry, I sat and enjoyed the sun, and my lunch, while marking the rising fish. I'd arrived expecting this to be another sub surface day but I saw enough rises while eating lunch to give the Klink an outing. In fact there were fish showing all over the place.

Starting almost at the bottom of the glide, I fished almost under the far bank willows moving upstream all the time. After getting about a third of the way up the glide fish number one showed itself.  Considerably closer than the willows, I put the Klink spot on first cast and within seconds of it hitting the water we were in business. 12 inches of magic was released shortly after.

At the top of the glide two fish were intermittently taking cripples out of the slack water immediately downstream of a willow. I watched and waited. First cast was at the nearest one. It was not impressed and stopped rising. The furthest of the two wasn't quite so smart (or lucky) and the Klink disappeared again. A few minutes later fish number two had been measured, photographed and released. This one went to 14 inches.

After the commotion caused by the last fish I decided that it was time to move on.

Just round the next bend I did the usual trick and spooked two fish that were feeding in the tail of the pool. I'd cast at the one under the far bank and lined the one that was under my nose. Judging by the bow wave, it was a good fish. That's life.

Further upstream there were several fish moving to the trickle of duns that continued to come off until about 4pm. I managed another of about 12 inches, another one released.

I gave up at about 4:30 having had a great afternoon. 4 hours, 3 takeable fish and all off the top. I suspect that if I'd tried the nymph again it could easily have been more. But it's not a game of numbers (or size) is it?

I didn't mind cooking again. But I am wondering when the purple patch will run out.