Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

A very nice fish

Contributed by John Garner, Secretary (05.04.2007)

river eden

The best thing about flexi time is being able to be one jump ahead of the crowd when the bank holidays come along. I was back at Musgrave again before mid-day today. However, despite what the Met Office have been predicting for the last few days, there wasn't a cloud to be seen.

Again, I sat just above the church with flask and sandwiches and waited for the hatch.  The first LDO appeared at 5 minutes to 12 - but its mates decided not to bother turning out. After the hatches of the last couple of weeks, today was a real non-event. The few flies that did come off were almost all ignored. The Klinks stayed in the box.

A Pheasant Tail on the point and another nymph (my own creation - tan abdomen and brown thorax) on the dropper were the order of the day. The first response to either was 17 inches of solid trout from just above the church. One to the PT. Photographed and measured, it was off like a rocket when returned.

After a smoke and more coffee I moved up to the next run and two or three more casts and I was into another good fish. However, after getting the net in my hand, this one (only slightly smaller than the first) flipped and was
away. That's the way it goes. This one also took the PT.

I spent another hour or so searching but to no avail and was home in time to do the cooking.