Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

On the score sheet at the first attempt

Contributed by John Garner, Secretary (17.03.2007)

After missing opening day due to unavoidable work commitments and spending the second day getting ready for the AGM I finally managed to get to the river this afternoon.

On the way to Little Musgrave I stopped for a quick look over Musgrave Bridge and realised that the wind was a bit stronger than I'd anticipated. Plan B was invoked and I fished up from the bridge thinking that there was probably more chance of getting out of the wind somewhere between here and Blandswath.

At about 12.30 I made my way up by the church and spotted a steady stream of upwings (LDO's, something a bit smaller and something that looked like but probably wasn't March Browns) having trouble getting into the air due to the wind. After 10 minutes spent watching the water I'd seen enough rises to tie on the old faithful Klink.

Half an hour with a size 14 produced nothing but the several fish in the run above the church continued to rise.  Changing down to a size 16 did the business.  Three casts and my first of the season was in the bag.  At 10 inches it wasn't going to beat any records but it was as good a way as any to start the season.

Another hours fishing produced only one further rise to an Olive Paradun before things went quiet. By half past three the hatch was over and I was back in the car to earn brownie points for my next trip out.