Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

Off the Mark

Contributed by Steve Howarth (08.04.2006)

On sat 8/4/06 I probably endured some of the worst weather conditions for a long time and really didn’t expect to catch (I was expecting to catch hypothermia) but persisted anyway. After fishing the waterfall pool upstream of Eastfield Bridge for a while I decided to move upstream and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of L.D.O.s on the water. After about a 15 min walk and two bloody hail showers I managed to spot 2 fish rising under a large overhanging tree. I won't bore you with the details, but I spent the next 30 minutes getting myself in position to have a decent crack at them. I eventually managed to fool a cracking 16" brownie and also managed to recover 2 flies from the tree I had lost in pursuit of these fish.

Some people will read this article and say "Christ what a bloody waste of time" and then there are some people who will read this and know exactly why I did it and why I will do it again this weekend  - "wild trout fishing".