Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association


Contributed by John Garner (03.11.2006)

Having watched the weather from the inside of an office for the last couple of days, I couldn't resist taking one off today and trying my luck for the afternoon with the grayling.

Fishing up from the bridge at Musgrave with a team of spiders, I didn't get far before the first sign of fish rising to something too small to see. There was the odd LDO coming down but the fish showed no interest in them.

Persistence with the spiders paid off and, within the first half hour, a nice fat 10 inch grayling fell for a silver spider on the point. 2 or 3 casts later a slightly better fish of about 12 inches made the same mistake with the silver spider. Both released, I continued fishing my way upstream and before long hooked another decent fish which didn't stick and things went quiet.

Deciding that resting them might help, I wandered off and fished my way up to Brough beck end and failed to move anything else. By this time a cool breeze had sprung up and I made my way back to the car for a brew and a jacket. Just before I got to the bridge I noticed a couple of rises but decided that a coffee and a jacket were more important.

Half an hour later I was back where I started and managed to get another 2 smaller fish (same fly) before I finally gave in to the cold at about 3:30.

If anyone else is wondering if it's worth the trip, they're there but it's probably feast or famine. If you can find them you're in business.