Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

My first of the season

Contributed by John Garner (08.04.2006)

I spent a not so pleasant 3 hours this afternoon upstream of Warcop and endured the works - rain, hail, sleet and wind. Despite the constant stream of LDOs coming off not a fish rose.

At about 3:30 the inevitable fly/tree combination occurred and I thought sod it and made my way back to the car just in time to escape another shower. 30 minutes later the flask was empty and the sun shining again so, too early to go home, I decided to have another 1/2 hour in the bridge pool.  However, by now the LDO's had finished and still not a fish in sight. Thanks to a black Klink and Appleby Anglers, a fat 14 inch stockie was in the net (and released) 10 minutes later. A few minutes later and another fish lost, I packed up.

Not quite as rewarding as a wild fish but at least we're up and running now. Oh and while I remember, not all of the LDO's were left uneaten - the swallows are back on the river and were having a field day in the areas of slack water where the duns were sat. Let's hope the swallows know more than the Met Office do!