Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

Two Firsts

Contributed by Ricardo (14.07.2005)

river eden river eden trout

After a business trip to Edinburgh I reached Warcop Bridge at 7pm. The water was extremely low as the photos show. I caught my first Grayling in the bottom pool of our beat- a feisty little 7" fish. I also managed an even smaller Trout but with nothing else moving I relocated to Eastfield Bridge at 8:45pm to try my luck as my other choice, Musgrave bridge, had 2 cars parked which I thought may be fellow anglers.

There was a hatch of BWO and fall of Sherry Spinners at the same time starting at appx 9:15pm and I caught a small trout in a pool before catching a 17" fish at 9:45pm which weighed an incredible 2lb 6 oz (I am still coming to terms with the weight to length ratio of Eden fish - a Trout from the top of the Wharfe where I also fish would, in mint condition, weigh 2lbs bang
on!). The small head and thick shoulders of these fish indicate very good feeding.

At 10pm I was thrilled to see and share a pool with an Otter (the first I have ever seen) which investigated me closely before heading downstream. Unfortunately it dived down just before I took a photo. I then took two more small Trout between 10 and 10:20pm. All fish were taken on a spent spinner and released.