Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

Possible contaminated fish

Contributed by John Garner (13.06.2005)

The following is based on a note sent by Appleby Anglers (AAA) to members and visitors and concerns fish that were stocked on joint (AAA & KSDAA) water at Warcop.

AAA have been advised by the Veterinary Directorate that trout from the source of their recent stocking have tested positive for residues of malachite green (MG) and its metabolite, leuchomalachite green (LMG).

According to the Food Standards Agency, MG is a chemical dye that has also been used as treatment for fungal infection and parasites in fish farming. Since 2002 MG has been banned for use in food producing animals due to a perceived increased risk of cancer in consumers.

However, the Food Standards Agency also state that there is no risk of immediate ill health following consumption of affected fish and the increased risk of cancer is likely to be very small at the levels of residues detected. Anyone who still has potentially contaminated fish may wish to avoid the unnecessary risk by not eating them.