Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

The river is fishing its stones off

Contributed by John Garner (08.05.2003)

The river is fishing its stones off. I was out last Tuesday and landed 14 between 14" and 19", all in 2 hrs. All returned. I also lost innumerable fish. The hatch was remarkable and the fish were taking anything put to them. Rumour around the area would have it that Kirkby have stocked. The feeding frenzy was probably triggered by the good flush through we had on the run up to last weekend, resulting in the river being in perfect condition during the early part of the week.

On the nature front, all the broadleaves are bursting out, bad for loosing flies. I saw my first swift on the 6th May, a pair actually. There was also a female goosander with about 12 to 14 chicks no more than 2 days old, very early. I couldn't tell if they belonged to the female or if it was a creche, goosanders being renowned for forming creches. All were seen at Sandwath bridge which should give you a clue to where I took all the fish.

An angler who wishes to remain anonymous reported to me that he had seen another angler on the river tipping his fly with maggots.