Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

April 5-6

Contributed by Brian Kirkwood (06.04.2003)

Well the rain came and went on April fools day but it did not fool the trout. I fished several locations and saw quite a few fish but they were not feeding even during a hatch of large dark olives at about 14.00hrs. The river was extremely low and with the very cold nights and very bright days the fish are staying in tight shoals and are easily spooked. We need nights of warm rain. The first sandmartins appeared on the 6th and oh by the way I did not catch!

By the time the faster break was here, we still had no rain, the river was in poor condition and beginning to weed up. There were some fish about, but extremely difficult to get a fly to. I took the odd fish upto the 26th of April, then we had some rain and by the 4th of May the river was well up and coloured. As the river freshened up, the fish spread out and fed very well on some big hatches of medium & large olives, by May bank holiday there were Alderfly being taken very readily.