Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

River Report June - July 2002

Contributed by Brian Kirkwood (01.08.2002)

The mayfly hatch was over before it began. Highly coloured water and low temperatures saw to that. By the last week in July the temperature had improved but a big water on the 30th ruined the month end. In between was not much better, the levels never settled.

I did not fish much after 10pm because of the falling air temperatures and the lack of sedges on the water. There does seem to be more (but still not many) fish moving but with no consistant fly hatching they are very hard to tempt. When I did find some fish feeding they tended to be very small(6").

I have not seen many others fishing when I have been out, 14 visits for 2 decent fish (returned) and those I have spoken to have not faired any better. I have heard a rumour that there may be a committee meeting to discuss stocking policy I would be interested to know if this is true.