Was it 2 or was it 3?

Contributed by John Garner (18.09.2006)

I spent Sunday afternoon on the river again.  There wasn't a great deal of surface activity so I decided to hedge my bets and, underneath the old faithful Klink, I fished a small nymph on a New Zealand dropper.

The first two fish that I contacted both took the nymph (and both managed to slip the hook before they could be introduced to the landing net).  Fish number three was slightly different.  About 8 inches long, this one took the
Klink.  However, as I stood in the river and unhooked it I dropped my flies in the water as I released it.  This one was obviously pretty hungry.  Not satisfied with the Klink, it also took the nymph and the process started again.  When I released it for the second time I made sure the flies were out of the water.  Does this count as one or two?

50 yards further upstream I managed to lose yet another fish to the nymph and this and a last minute refusal to the Klink made me decide to abandon the NZ dropper idea.

A bit later I spotted two fish working the margins in barely 6 inches of water.   A size 16 black Klink style fly, coupled with commando tactics and the longest cast that I've made for a long time was the undoing of one of them.  At 14 inches this one gave a good account of itself, looked as fit as they make 'em, and cruised away as if nothing had happened when returned.

My catch return has two fish on it - I haven't got the cheek to call it three.

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