Contributed by Brian Kirkwood (30.09.2003)

The rains eventually came on Thursday 18th and by the weekend the river was up and coloured but even so I managed 3 wild trout and a grayling on a G.R.H.E in the quiet water around Warcop bridge. By the 25th the river was almost perfect, some cold sharp nights and warm, sunny days had brought on a hatch of medium olives around midday. There are grayling showing on most stretches between Appleby joint water and Musgrave but there is time for them later.

The last days of the season were spent looking for trout...several to 1lb were taken on a dry Adams and one large fish, two and a half pounds plus, at Blandswath, avoided my net with ease after a good fight. The water is crystal clear now and the weed that built up during the dry spell has all but gone.

Perhaps when I chase the lady of the stream in October I may meet another angler.

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