River Reports

Anyone who fishes our waters can send in reports. Please include pictures (just add them as attachments). Reports can be submitted for publication by email to reports@kirkbystephen.net.

River Reports 2015-16 Date Contributor
River Reports 2014-15 Date Contributor
No reports received    
River Reports 2013-14 Date Contributor
Low water, high winds! 07.07.2013 Richard
Rough with the smooth 27.06.2013 Richard
Off the mark...at last!! 14.04.2013 Richard
River Reports 2012-13 Date Contributor
What a fantastic hatch 24.09.2012 Richard
A quiet day fishwise 09.09.2012 Richard
A hard day 11.08.2012 Richard
Cracking first trout on a new rod 22.07.2012 Richard
June trout 20.07.2012 Mark Sant Jennings
Hot and cold weather 05.07.2012 Richard
Callum's fishing blog 30.05.2012 Callum Highet
First trip of the season 21.03.2012 Ricardo
Jumping the gun 22.03.2012 Stuart Minnikin
Bingo! 07.04.2012 Richard
River Reports 2011-12 Date Contributor
Opening Day 15.03.2011 Callum Highet
First Trip of the Year 24.04.2011 Rob Rushton
River Reports 2010-11 Date Contributor
Opening Day 15.03.2010 Callum Highet
First visit to the Eden 19.03.2010 Tom Hird
A Good Day Off 15.04.2010 Steve Howarth
3lb 2oz brownie 04.05.2010 Callum Highet
Warcop Bridge 16.05.2010 Neil Holland
Big Trout and Grayling 31.05.2010 Callum Highet
Catch rates and low water 05.06.2010 Richard Reeve
Sport is Good 21.06.2010 Callum Highet
14 Fish in One Day 24.06.2010 Callum Highet
River Reports 2009-10 Date Contributor
A super brownie 16.03.2009 Ron Baldwin
First Trout 30.03.2009 Tom Hird
A wonderful day 02.04.2009 Paul Maxwell
A good job 12.05.2009 Bill Beddows
Pendragon 21.05.2009 Callum Highet
The season so far 27.05.2009 Ben Murray
Fish of a Lifetime 08.07.2009 Callum Highet
Superb Grayling 23.09.2009 Callum Highet
Final fish of the season 30.09.2009 Callum Highet
River Reports 2008-09 Date Contributor
Trout and grayling 16.03.2008 Steve Turnbull
Opening day hat-trick 19.03.2008 John Garner
Two trips out 22.04.2008 Tom Hird
First time out 23.04.2008 Steve Howarth
A perfect spring day 28.04.2008 Steve Turnbull
An enjoyable day 28.06.2008 Alan Plevey
Evening rise 22.07.2008 Tom Hird
Kingfisher 23.07.2008 Tom Hird
Buzzed by bats 24.07.2008 Tom Hird
My best brownie 24.07.2008 Marion Baldwin
Massive grayling 21.09.2008 Andy Hartley
The Season 12.10.2008 Norman Bousfield
13 fish to over 2.5lb 24.10.2008 Ricardo
River Reports 2007-08 Date Contributor
As good a place as any 15.03.2007 Troutfly
On the score sheet 17.03.2007 John Garner
Fish biting on first visit 19.03.2007 Chris Dempsey
First of the season 23.03.2007 Steve Howarth
Trout are Feeding 25.03.2007 John Garner
More fish on return visit 29.03.2007 Chris Dempsey
April Fool? 01.04.2007 John Garner
A very nice fish 05.04.2007 John Garner
A game of numbers 07.04.2007 John Garner
Puple patch 10.04.2007 John Garner
Matthew's First 14.04.2007 Steve Howarth
A superb fish 15.04.2007 John Garner
May Day Bank Holiday Weekend 07.05.2007 John Garner
From the Netherlands 15.05.2007 Sander Jongejan
Good fish above Eastfield Bridge 16.05.2007 Andy Hartley
Better than last year 29.05.2007 Andy Hartley
An enjoyable day 23.06.2003 Alan Plevey
Saturday morning blog 07.07.2007 Alan Plevey
Promoting our blog 07.07.2007 Keith Rodger
One night in June 15.07.2007 Steve Howarth
A stolen hour this evening 15.07.2007 John Garner
Grayling and Trout 23.07.2007 Norman Bousfield
Fished Well 27.08.2007 Mike Roden
A double figure afternoon 03.09.2007 John Garner
River Reports 2006-07 Date Contributor
Trout and Salmon article 01.04.2006 Paul Proctor
Pre-season assessment 02.02.2006 Paul Procter
My first of the season 08.04.2006 John Garner
Off the Mark 08.04.2006 Steve Howarth
Happy Easter 19.04.2006 John Garner
First visit of the season 19.04.2006 Tom Hird
A nice brace 19.04.2006 Steve Howarth
Two in Three 15.05.2006 Steve Howarth
Eden at Easter 15.05.2006 Tom Hird
Weekend Fishing 26.05.2006 Mike Roden
Best One Yet 03.06.2006 Steve Howarth
Exchange Tickets 08.06.2006 Tom Hird
Two nice Fish 03.08.2006 John Garner
Electrofishing 10.08.2006 Tom Hird
Swindale Beck 10.09.2006 John Garner
Was it 2 or was it 3? 18.09.2006 John Garner
Beginner's Luck 29.10.2006 Tony Metcalfe
Grayling 03.11.2006 John Garner
River Reports 2005-06 Date Contributor
Early days 24.03.2005 John Garner
First visit 31.03.2005 Tom Hird
Two trout oblige 10.04.2005 Mike Roden
Tales of fish 12.04.2005 Troutfly
Early May 10.05.2005 John Garner
A touch under under 3lb 08.05.2005 Stephen Huck
Friday the 13th (of May) 13.05.2005 Dave Rickerby
Mayfly 24.05.2005 John Garner
First trip to the Eden 27.05.2005 Ricardo
More Mayfly 28.05.2005 John Garner
Green Mayfly 30.05.2005 Irene Downing
Fishy Fable 04.06.2005 Steven Howarth
Plenty of fish showing 08.06.2005 John Garner
Possible contaminated fish 13.06.2005 John Garner
Eden and Belah 16.06.2005 Mike Roden
Another good evening 21.06.2005 John Garner
Evening session 05.07.2005 Ricardo
Two firsts 14.07.2005 Ricardo
Bank holiday Monday 29.08.2005 John Garner
Salmon reach KSDAA waters 29.10.2005 Caroline Dent
River Reports 2004-5 Date Contributor
No reports were received during 2004    
River Reports 2003-04 Date Contributor
Fishing diary 15.03.2003 Brian Kirkwood
March 15-16 16.03.2003 Brian Kirkwood
My biggest trout 16.03.2003 Troutfly
A cold afternoon at Blandwath 17.03.2003 John (Warcop)
No luck on opening day 19.03.2003 Tom Hird
My annual pilgimage 22.03.2003 Bill Rushton
Opening Week 25.03.2003 John (Warcop)
March 22-23 24.03.2003 Brian Kirkwood
March 29-30 30.03.2003 Brian Kirkwood
My first trip of the season 29.03.2003 Ian Dandy
April 5-6 06.04.2003 Brian Kirkwood
A low clear river and frost 10.04.2003 John (Warcop)
Things are warming up 19.04.2003 John (Warcop)
One that got away 29.04.2003 Donald Walker
Early May 09.05.2003 Brian Kirkwood
The river is fishing its stones off 08.05.2003 John (Warcop)
May 10-11 11.05.2003 Troutfly
So that explains all the fish! 17.05.2003 Bill Rushton
Late May 29.05.2003 Brian Kirkwood
On the river at last 06.06.2003 Bill Rushton
Hundreds of fish killed 07.06.2003 Cumberland & Westmorland Herald
Early June 13.06.2003 Brian Kirkwood
Latest Outing 25.06.2003 John (Warcop)
Mid season report 09.07.2003 Tom Hird
First half of July 21.07.2003 Brian Kirkwood
September 30.09.2003 Brian Kirkwood
Grayling 25.11.2003 Brian Kirkwood
River Reports 2002-03 Date Contributor
March 2002 - May 2002 01.06.2002 Brian Kirkwood
June 2002 -July 2002 01.08.2002 Brian Kirkwood
A visit to the River Eden 02.09.2002 Stephen Clucas (visitor)
March 2002 -September 2002 01.10.2002 Tom Hird
August 2002 - January 2003 01.02.2003 Brian Kirkwood
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