Fishy Stories

A collection of 21 true stories contributed by Donald Walker (copyright)

1 Hangover 8 Oh happy days 15 Do you kiss your fish?
2 Thunderbolts and Lightning 9 The dog wasn't there 16 It was only a yard wide
3 Those were the days 10 Fourteen eels 17 That once happened to me!
4 The fish is still on my line 11 My name was mud 18 Tuition
5 Replace your divots 12 It's sad isn't it 19 Getting wet
6 A lucky escape 13 Awash in the Lakes 20 All that was long ago
7 Tickled 14 Co-starring with a fish 21 I watched in horror

I wrote all these stories only recently and what I find truly amazing is the powerful recall of my fishing times, when these days I have trouble remembering what day it is. I know some of these tales read unbelievable but I can only hope that you will accept that they are indeed true and perhaps the only thing I am guilty of is the use of powerful adjectives to enhance the point of the moment.

Donald Walker.

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