The fish is still on my line

Contributed by Donald Walker (copyright)

Rummaging in my creel I came up with another fishy story. My cousin was up on holiday from Cornwall, and part of the entertainment my wife and I gave her was a trip to the seaside. A poor do I suppose, seeing she lives practically on the coast in Cornwall. Well you can see the sea from her house. Mind you, their sea seems bluer than ours up here, you may have noticed this. Still, it was a change for her, so we took ourselves off to Scarborough. It was a lovely day, and amazingly I didn't fish off the pier. I didn't even take my fishing tackle with me. I thought no, I'm entertaining, do the tourist bit. Anyway I enjoyed the day, and we set off for home, taking the scenic route. Driving along I spotted a sign for Pickering. Now I knew there was a trout farm at Pickering, where you could catch your own. So, heading for it, I enquired of the ladies, if they would like a nice rainbow trout for tea. The ladies agreed it would be nice, but didn't realise I'd have to catch them first.

On arrival at the trout farm I bought my permit and my bait, then taking a house rod, I went down to the lake to catch our dinner. I cast in, and as the bait hit the water a trout took it and as I hadn't bothered to get a landing net I had a little problem. However, I decided to chance it, and swing the trout up onto the bank. As it landed a couple of yards from my feet, a little Jack Russell dog ran out of the undergrowth grabbed my fish in it's mouth, then ran off with it into the bushes. The fish is still on my line! Can you just picture the scene? I am now playing the dog as well, and its taking line. I start to wind it in and the dog has the audacity to growl at me. I thought, somebody must be filming this, and I looked round for Jeremy Beadle. The crowd of people that had now gathered were falling about laughing. I saw the funny side myself. At last the dogs' owner appeared and made it put the fish down. The fish was in a sorry state so I gave it to the dog - it deserved it for the laugh. Twenty minutes later we were on our way home, and looking forward to eating the three trout I had caught.

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